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Ac Ninjas is about Quality Service

& Customer Connection.

Before Ac Ninjas was formed I was working for people who didn't
give me the time to connect with another human being. I was pretty much a robot and profit was the sole goal.
I always enjoyed the technical aspect of my work but I didn't like the fact that I wasn't given time for that human connection.
  I wanted customers to understand that I was trust worthy and was really looking out for their best interest. Many owners and technicians I've met in the past didn't care much about honesty or quality service because the dollar was the goal. I wanted to work for a company that cared about me and the customers who were paying hard earned money. I wanted to earn a living enjoying my time applying my skill and connecting with the people who I had the pleasure of meeting. Every business needs to make money to exist and grow but people shouldn't be hurt or neglected in the pursuit of success. I started Ac Ninjas in pursuit of something a little different.
  Ac Ninjas isn't about me, Ac Ninjas is About US.
  - Christian Gonzales


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